December 8 (Friday Night) VCU Christmas Music Gala RVA

  • 08 Dec 2017
  • RVA
December 8 (Friday Night) VCU Christmas Music Gala     RVALisa Bagby (m.lisa.g.bagby@gmail.com). Begin the Christmas Season with a short walk, dinner, music performance at 7 pm and walk. Meet at the Singleton Center, corner of Park and Harrison Streets. Begin with a short walk to a nearby restaurant for a delicious meal and convivial camaraderie before attending the VCU Music Department's Christmas Gala. Tickets to the Gala are $10. One free ticket will be given away to a lucky winner. RSVP by November 27. Reservations will have to be made at a restaurant, especially if the group is large. Contact Lisa for dinner meetup time

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